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Forevermark diamonds are hand-selected for their beauty and rarity, and each is genuine, untreated and natural. Experts at the Forevermark Diamond Institute carefully inspect every diamond, going beyond the technical qualities of the 4Cs to hand-pick only those diamonds that are truly beautiful. While all grading reports assess diamonds for color, clarity, cut and carat weight (the standard 4Cs), Forevermark individually selects diamonds against additional rigid criteria to ensure that only the most beautiful diamonds become Forevermark. A standard grading report only tells part of a diamond’s story as the 4Cs are only four of the many characteristics of a diamond.

Forevermark selects truly beautiful diamonds based on three key criteria that go beyond the 4Cs: - The rough diamond itself must be of superior quality even before it is cut and polished. - Once a diamond arrives at the Forevermark Diamond Institute to be evaluated, the diamond’s polish must have a high degree of transparency to reflect and refract light. - The diamond’s cut must be precise enough to result in both outstanding symmetry and durability.

Flaws such as large inclusions, and any cloudiness or haziness in appearance will in turn affect the cut and polished diamond’s brilliance. Therefore, these diamonds are not accepted for Forevermark. While all of these features may not affect a diamond's clarity on the grading report, Forevermark sees them as limitations to beauty.

In addition, if there are flaws inherent in the rough diamond, such as evidence of large inclusions or clouds, the passage of light could be obstructed, compromising its brilliance and beauty which will not allow them to become Forevermark.
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