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Top Engagement Ring Settings

One of the most exciting times in a girls life is when her partner gets down on one knee, asks for her hand in marriage and pulls out the perfect ring to symbolize their love. Since there are so many options for engagement ring settings, it might be hard to know which one is the right one. Whether she is trendy or traditional, modest or extravagant, simple or unique, there is a style that is the perfect fit for her.

One of the most popular engagement ring settings is the solitaire. Solitaires feature four, six or double prongs that surround the stone, designed to keep it securely in place. A solitaire is a more traditional look and keeps things simple, so that all the attention is on the diamond.

The halo setting features a center stone that is surrounded by smaller diamonds. The halo of the smaller diamonds creates the illusion of one larger diamond, so if size is your main priority, this setting could be a great choice. When it comes to diamonds, we say the more the merrier!

Three Stone
Three Stone settings have a larger center stone, with two stones on either side. This setting is ideal for people who want more personality in their ring, or for the girl who wants a ring similar to princess-to-be Meghan Markle! With three stones, there are more options for variety and personalization, as you are able to select multiple different sizes and shapes. A three stone ring is also popular for the reason that three stones could symbolize the past, present and future of your relationship.

In a pavé setting, the stones are set in rows that are fitted extremely close together with beads for a minimal metal look. The pavé name literally comes from the French word "to pave" and its smooth, paved feeling creates a brilliant effect. If you are a girl that loves a little sparkle from every angle, this could be the right setting for you.

For the girl who likes a little extra security, the channel set ring has its diamonds held in place with metal on either side, so that only the tops of the diamonds are exposed. This setting has a more distinct and sleek look, as the stones are not held together by prongs or beads.

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