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Forevermark goes beyond the standard 4C's to select those that are among the finest and most beautiful diamonds in the world. This assurance comes from Forevermark’s exacting selection process that is so rigorous that less than 1% of the world’s diamonds can become Forevermark. This selection process largely takes place at the Forevermark Diamond Institute. Forevermark selects truly beautiful diamonds based on three key criteria that go beyond the 4C’s:

The rough diamond itself must be of superior quality even before it is cut and polished.

Once a diamond arrives at the Forevermark Diamond Institute to be evaluated, the diamond’s polish must have a high degree of transparency to reflect and refract light.

The diamond’s cut must be precise enough to result in both outstanding symmetry and durability.


All the rough diamonds must come from approved sources that meet the Forevermark standards for responsible sourcing. Once this is confirmed, the rough diamond is examined for its inherent qualities; only rough diamonds of superior quality are eligible for Forevermark. Before moving on to being cut and polished, eligible rough must be assessed by an Authorized Forevermark Diamantaire for anything that will affect the diamond’s ability to reflect or refract light. Any rough diamonds that have clarity features visible to the unaided eye will be rejected.


Forevermark selects Diamantaires who are among the world’s leading diamond cutters and polishers to craft Forevermark diamonds. Their expertise and ability to meet Forevermark’s exacting standards of polish, symmetry and proportions result in a Forevermark diamond being cut and polished to magnify its beauty and brilliance, not to maximize its carat weight. When checking the polish, diamonds are rejected that have been forced on the polishing wheel against their natural direction, burning the diamond, which may affect its transparency and ability to reflect light. Forevermark demands a mirror-like polished table and nothing less will suffice for maximum beauty.


Forevermark excludes diamonds that may have durability issues. Those cut with a shallow crown or steep pavilion are rejected, as those diamonds are vulnerable to abrasions, chipping and breakage. These features are not verified within a standard 4C’s grading report. Only those diamonds that meet all the fundamental steps of our rigorous selection process earn the Forevermark inscription, which consists of the exclusive Forevermark icon and unique identification number.

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